Gift Vouchers

We are pleased to be able to offer our popular Gift Vouchers online. 

Just purchase the amount, and we will email you a virtual voucher to use when you book, these can be sent to a friend, or used to pay for treatments in advance.


I don’t have a printer or don’t know how to print my gift voucher?
You can always give us the order number or show us the email when you book – all vouchers are verified prior to use, and we are able to instantly check the status of a gift voucher

I have multiple Gift Vouchers
Thats no problem – we can group gift vouchers together when paying for your treatment, just let us know when you are making your booking

I don’t like putting my card details online
Thats no problem – we can still provide Gift Vouchers, however our payment method is PayPal – which is secure. This is just an alternative method to reduce unnecessary contact and for the convenience of our clients.

I want to gift a voucher to someone else
Thats no problem – You can forward them the email or click buy as a gift at the checkout

If you have any questions – you can click here to contact us

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